Welcome to Smiles on the Camino

Smiles on the Camino is connecting people from around the world who have walked along El Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Here you will find interesting stories and photographs from Pilgrims of all walks of life, who share a common bond through the Camino.

The inspiration for Smiles on the Camino came through my own personal experience of listening to Pilgrims share their personal stories with me, initially as they passed by my family home along the Camino, and in later years as I walked my own Camino, and guided others on theirs.

Being a photographer, I was moved to take photographs of Pilgrims, and noticed the many beautiful smiles of people walking the Camino.

Stories and photographs can inspire, entertain, connect, and uplift people.

I encourage you to contribute to Smiles on the Camino, by sending in your own stories and photographs.

Together we will build a global community of Smiles on the Camino.

Germán L.



We feature stories and photographs from Pilgrims who have walked along El Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Through their personal stories pilgrims share what inspired them to walk the Camino, their feelings and insights about their Journey, what impact the Camino has had on them. They will also share what made them smile along the Way.

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Smiles Community

Our goal is to create a global community of pilgrims, where you can share your feelings and experiences on the Camino de Santiago.

Please send  your story and photographs to us via email to [email protected]

You will be notified before your story or photographs will be posted on Smiles on the Camino website or Facebook page.


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"Rexistro 108"  is a Photographic collection of Pilgrims portraits who are walking along the Camino de Santiago,  made as a documentary and testament to the people from all over the world .

"Momentos del Camino"  was inspired  - looking through Pilgrims eyes. This is a journey exploring emotions and feelings that come to life through two simple acts of walking and shooting a camera.

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